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  2. Virus infection prevention measures

Virus infection prevention measures

  • Please disinfect your fingers at the front desk.

    ·A quick-drying hand sanitizer that does not require washing with water is installed at the front desk.
    ·It is effective against a wide range of microorganisms in a short time.
    ·Please disinfect your fingers.
    ·When responding at the front desk, we wear a mask to prevent infection.
  • Please take the temperature at the front desk.

    ·At check-in, the customer cooperates with the non-contact thermometer to measure the temperature.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
    ※If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, you may not be allowed to stay according to the instructions from the public health center.
    ·In addition, it is obligatory for employees to measure temperature when they go to work.
    ·We have a clear shield in front of the front counter.
  • Elevator hall on each floor

    ·Alcohol is installed in the elevator hall.
    ·Please disinfect your fingers before entering the room.
    ·We are strengthening and thoroughly implementing disinfection work to prevent secondary infections.
    ·Please use masks at intervals to use the elevator.
  • About guest rooms

    ·The tea cup is a paper cup.
    ·In addition to normal guest room cleaning, we also clean the door knobs, switches, etc.
    ·Please open the window of the guest room and ventilate.
  • About meals "Izakaya Yuei"

    Breakfast and other Izakaya Yuei served at Izakaya Yuei 1st floor.
    ※There is no buffet.It is a set meal style.
    ·We ask our customers to cooperate in wearing a mask.
    ·Disinfectant installed at store entrance
    ·Spaced the seats
    ·Regular disinfection of tables and chairs
    ·Regular air replacement
    ·Staff must wear masks
    ·Before going to work, we check the physical condition of the staff and stipulate that those with poor physical condition will not work